Maintaining Your Roof for Longer Service Life – Roof Protection Plan in Arizona
Written By: Ben on August 24, 2022

roof protection plan in Arizona

Your roof protects your home. It’s probably one of the most important elements to your house and one of the most expensive systems. Depending on the materials, your roof should last 20 years or longer. The Arizona climate can be hard on roofs. Even with a roof protection plan in Arizona, if you perform some annual maintenance on your roof, you’ll have less stress about making repairs and fixing your roof.

An Annual Inspection

In the spring, have your roof checked out for signs of shingle damage and algae or mold. A professional can help you find minor issues that need repairs to avoid bigger problems later. If there were a lot of storms over the winter months, you may even want to have your insurance adjuster look at it. If your homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover the damage, an affordable home warranty in Arizona may cover the cost if you have this protection.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutter backup will cause more problems than not even having gutters. If water doesn’t flow freely through your gutter systems, it can cause the wood in your roof system to rot. Clean your gutters in the spring and again in the fall. If you don’t have time, get a professional to handle the job.

Keep Trees Trimmed Back

It’s kind of a balance between aesthetics and roof problems when it comes to trees. Trees provide a nice landscape and offer shade to your home. When the branches and limbs are too close to your home, it can cause damage to the roof and give wildlife easy access to your home. Bushes and shrubs too close to your foundation can also cause damage. Work with your landscaper to keep trees and bushes from damaging your roof.

Look for Leaks

Watch for leaks in your ceilings and attic. If you find damage from moisture, don’t hope that the problem will go away. It will only get worse with time. Make repairs quickly before the leak causes more damage. A few minutes to look for leaks can save a lot of time and money later.

Ask about a roof warranty in Arizona for your home. It’s a small price for peace of mind.