Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a home warranty?
    A HomeGuard HomeWarranty is a one-year service contract that helps protect homeowners against the cost of unexpected repairs and replacement of major systems or appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.
  2. Where is coverage available?
    Coverage through HomeGuard HomeWarranty is currently available in the greater California, Nevada and Arizona.
  3. What is Basic Coverage?
    Basic Coverage for a home measuring under 5,000 feet includes:
    Dishwasher, Range/Oven/Cooktop, Built-in Microwave oven, Garbage Disposal, Trash Compactor, Instant Hot Water Dispenser, Door Bells, Smoke Detectors, Telephone Wiring, Primary Heating System, Plumbing System and Stoppages, Electrical System, Central Vacuum System, Garage Door Opener, Ceiling, Attic and Exhaust Fans, Water Heater, Pest Control.
  4. What do I collect from the owner?
    As a preferred service contractor you automatically collect a deductible each time you initiate service. Additional charges may apply to specific repairs and replacement.
  5. What are the invoicing requirements?
    • A description of the work performed.
    • A line for when work was initiated and when it was completed
    • A total for parts
    • A total for labor
    • A total for tax
    • A subtotal that shows total billable amount
    • A line that shows the total billable amount minus the deductible with the check number when applicable
    • A total amount due to HomeGuard HomeWarranty
  6. What are the advantages of becoming a preferred service contractor for HomeGuard HomeWarranty?
    • HomeGuard HomeWarranty is local and you can rely on a mutually beneficial relationship
    • Prompt payment within 15 days of invoice
    • A constant and reliable source of business
    • Access to a larger pool of customers increasing repeat business
  7. How is work authorized?
    The Contractor will call HomeGuard HomeWarranty.’s authorization department at (866) 993-2302 with repair costs broken down by the time and materials needed. The Contractor will perform only work authorized by HomeGuard HomeWarranty unless the Homeowner is giving authorization to proceed with the work, and the Homeowner understands that HomeGuard HomeWarranty has not authorized the work. The homeowner will be responsible for the cost of all non-authorized work performed. The Contractor is responsible for quoting an estimate before the work is started.