What Should Your Roof Repair Cost Without Roof Coverage in Arizona?
Written By: Ben on May 26, 2022

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Roof Coverage in Arizona Protects You and Your Roof

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about your roof until you see a leak or find shingles in your yard. By that time, your roof could need major repairs. Learn more about roof repairs and how much they might cost and why an affordable home warranty in Arizona can help you take care of your home while protecting your financial situation against a huge repair bill.

What Types of Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are often classified as either major, minor, or replacement.

Minor Roof Repairs

Minor roof repairs are those that usually cost under $2000. Sometimes, homeowners can handle minor repairs, such as gutter cleaning or patching a small leak. You may feel comfortable fixing small holes in the flashing or replacing a missing tile, but you may also want to get the advice of a professional. The roof consists of many components. There may be damage you don’t see.

Major Roof Repairs

When repair costs go over $2,000, it’s considered a major repair. You should call in a professional to deal with electrical wiring problems or extensive water damage to your roof and ceiling. Major repairs can include problems with your chimney or home structure, but your roof itself doesn’t need a complete replacement. Sometimes, your homeowner’s insurance may cover these costs if the damage was from a storm or other natural event. If you have roof coverage on your Arizona home, you won’t have to worry about how to pay for the repairs, regardless of what caused the damage.

Roof Replacement

When the roof is damaged beyond repair or when it gets older than 20 years, you may need to replace the entire roof. Depending on the size of your roof and the materials you choose, you can expect to pay $8,000 or more to install an entire new roof.

Get the Best Home Warranty in Arizona!

Regular maintenance to your roof can help you stay on top of small problems, but the reality is that your roof is going to need to be replaced at some point. With the best home warranty in Arizona, you pay the annual premium for the warranty and a service call fee to make roof repairs or replacement instead of worrying about the expense. Learn more about a home warranty from HomeGuard HomeWarranty.