Privacy Policy

HomeGuard HomeWarranty, believes that personel information that we collect about our customers, potential customers, and proposed insureds(referred to collectivaly in this Privacy Policy as “customers”) must be treated with the highest degree of confidentiality. For this reason and Act(“GLBA”), we have developed a Privacy Policy.For purposes of our , the term “personel information” includes all information we obtain about a customer and maintain in a personally identifiable way.In order to assure the confidentiality of the personel information we collect and in order to comply with applicable laws, all individuals with access to personel information about our customer are required to follow this policy.

Our Privacy Promise

Your privacy and the confidentiality of your bussiness records are important to us. Information and the analysis of information are essential to the business of insurance and critical to our ability to provide you excellent , cost-effective service and products. We understand that gaining and keeping your trust depends upon the security and integrity of your records concerning you. Accordingly, we promise that:

1. We will follow strict standards of security and confidentially to protect any information you share with us or information that we receive about you.

2. We will verify and exchange information regarding your credit and financial status only for the purposes of only underwriting, contract administration , or risk management and only with reputable references and clearinghouses services.

3. We Will not collect and use information about you other than the minimum amount of information necessary to advise you about and deliver to you excellent service and products and to adminster our business.

4. We will train our employees to handle information about you in secure and confidential manner and only permit employees authorized to use such information to have access to such information.

5. We will not disclose information about you to any organization out side HomeGaurd HomeWarranty, or to third party service providers unless we disclose to you our intent to do so or we are required to so by law.

6. We will not disclose medical information about you or any claimants under any policy of insurence, unless you provide us with written authorization to do so, or unless the disclosure in for specific business exception provided in the law.

7. We will attempt , with your help , to keep our records regarding you complete and accurate , and will advise you how and where to access your account information (unless prohibited by law), and will advise you how to correct errors or make changes to that informations and

8. We will audit and access our operations, personnel and third party service providers to assure that your privacy is respected.


Collection and Sources of Information

We collect from customer or potential customer only the personel information that is necessary for (a) determining eligibility for the product orservice sought by the customer , (b) administering the product or service obtained , and (c) advising the customer about our products andservices. The information we collect generally comes from the following sources.

  • Submission – During the submission process, you provide us with information about you, such as your name, address, phone, number, e-mail,address, andother types of personal identification information.
  • Quotes – We collect information to enable us to determine your eligibilityfor the particular insurgence product and to determine the cost of such insurance to you.
  • Transactions – We will maintain records of all transactions with us , our affiliates , and our third party providers, including your insurance coverage selections, premiums , billing and payment information, claims history, and other informationrelated to your account.
  • Claims – If you obtain insurance from us, we will maintain records related to any claims that may be made under your policies. The investigation of a claim necessarily involves of collection of broad range of information about many issues, some of which does not directly involve you. We will share with you any facts that we collect about your claim unless we are prohibited by law from doing so.The process of a claim investigation, evaluation, and settlement also involves, however, the collection of advise, opinions, and comments from many people, incliding attorneys and experts, to aid the claim specialist in determining how best to handle your claim. In order to protect the legal and transactional confidentially and privileges associated with such opinions, comments and advice we will not disclose this information to you and
  • Credit and Financial Reports – We may receive information about you regarding yor credit. We use this information to verify information you provide during the submission and quote processes and to help underwrite and provide to you the most accurateand cost-effective insurance quote we can provide.

Retention and Correction of Personeal Information

We retain personal information only as long as required by our business practicesand applicable law. If we becomeaware that an item of personal information may be materially inaccurate, we will make reasonableeffort to re-verify its accuracy and correct any error as appropriate.

Storage of Personal Information

We have in place safeguards to protect data and paper files containing personal information.

Sharing/Disclosing of Personal information

We maintain procedures to assure that we do not share personal information with an unaffiliated third party for marketing purposes unless such sharing is permitted by law. Personal information may be disclose to an unaffiliated third party for other normal business transactions as permitted by law. We do not disclose personal information to an unaffiliated third partyfor servicing purposes or joint marketing purposes unless a contractcontaining a confidentiality/non- disclosure provision has been signed by us and the third party.

Access to Your Information

Our employees, employees of our affiliated companies,and third party service providers will have access to information we collect about you as in necessary to effect transactions with you. We may also disclose information about you to the following categories of persons of entities.

  • Your independent real state broker,
  • An independent claim adjuster or investigator, or an attorney or expert involved in the claim.
  • Persons or organizations that conduct scientific studies,including actuaries and accountants.
  • A state insurance department or other governmental agency, if required by federal,state or local laws, or
  • Any persons entitled to receive information as ordered by a summons, court order,search warrant, or subpoena.

Violation of the Privacy Policy

Any person violating the Privacy Policy will be subject to discipline,up to and including termination.