Thinking of Downsizing? It Might Be a Great Choice
Written By: Ben on December 21, 2020

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From Your Utilities to Your Home Warranty in California, Downsizing Saves Money

Americans have always been taught that bigger is better when it comes to our homes. We’ve been told from childhood that we should be striving to have a large home with plenty of space and that a sprawling mansion is one of the ultimate signs of wealth and status. That attitude seems to have changed in recent years as more Americans have begun to downsize to smaller homes. Part of this is due to necessity since wages have stagnated and the cost of housing has gone through the roof, but Americans have found that there are plenty of other benefits of moving into a smaller home.

Saving Money

Perhaps the biggest advantage to downsizing to a smaller home is that it saves money. Even if you have the best home warranty in California, owning your own home is expensive, and larger homes are even more expensive. Larger homes translate into higher mortgage and property tax payments, not to mention bigger utility bills. You’ll still have to pay a mortgage and property taxes if you live in a smaller home, and you’ll still have to cover your utilities, but your payments will be much smaller.

Saving Time

Having a smaller living space can save you a lot more time than you might think. Not only will you have a lot less that you need to keep clean, but you won’t have to worry as much about making repairs in your smaller home. You’ll still have to think about having roof coverage in California and other kinds of basic upkeep, but you’ll have a lot more time to do other things and enjoy life.

Getting Creative with Your Decor

When it comes to home decor, people can be more creative when they have less to work with. You probably won’t have space for a large and elaborate living room set, but that only means that you’ll be able to splurge on a couple of interesting pieces of furniture that can become the focal point of your decor. This will also force you to be a little more choosy when shopping for furniture. If you only have space for a small couch or one or two chairs, you’re going to think long and hard about what furniture you want to buy, and that could benefit you and your home’s decor greatly in the end.

Reducing Your Stress Level

This benefit might sound a little strange since it is very easy to feel stressed out in a small space, but hear us out. If you know how to manage and arrange your space, you can come up with a very comfortable and largely stress-free home. Your home will also require less upkeep and be less expensive overall, which will only help to reduce your stress level.

The Best Home Warranty in California will be Ready When Things Break Down

There are some very clear benefits to downsizing to a smaller home, but you will still need a good home warranty. If you’re relocating to a smaller space and you are in need of a home warranty in California, contact HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. to discuss your options today.