Choosing a New HVAC Unit – Warranty, Performance, and More
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on August 19, 2021

Time to Replace your HVAC? Consider a Home Warranty in California When You Do
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Your HVAC unit won’t last forever. Whether you live near the California coast, in the mountains, or close to the desert, air conditioning and central heat make your home more comfortable. If you’re worried about replacing your HVAC system, you may want to look into a HVAC warranty in California.

Signs You Need a New HVAC Unit

  • Your energy bills keep going up. As your HVAC system ages, it won’t be as efficient as a newer unit.
  • You have strange smells coming from your system or inside your vents. You could have mold or mildew inside the unit because of too much moisture.
  • You may hear unusual noises from your HVAC system. Your motor could be wearing out. There may be loose parts.
  • You could be experiencing uneven temperatures inside your home. When your HVAC system isn’t working efficiently, the rooms won’t cool evenly.

Choosing a New HVAC System

The sticker shock from a new HVAC system may be overwhelming. Your home warranty coverage in California may help cover the replacement cost if you have coverage before you need it. Keep in mind that your new system will be more energy-efficient than an older system, so over the long-term, you will save money when you choose the right unit.

Energy Ratings

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is how energy-efficient the unit is. The minimum is currently 14, but you can get units above 20, which gives you more efficiency. If you’re buying a gas furnace, you’ll also want to consider its efficiency, measured by AFUE. The minimum AFUE is 78%, but you can find units that go up to 97%. If you’re planning on selling in a couple of years, you may not want to make the investment in a high-efficiency unit and just install a basic unit. But a high-efficiency unit will give you years of lower utility bills and more comfort.

What Can You Do in Your Home to Make It More Efficient?

When you’re replacing your HVAC unit, it can make sense to look at other options that help you reduce your cooling and heating costs. Hybrid heating that combines the power of gas and electric can reduce your heating costs. Your blower fan may be out of date and less efficient. Updating it can reduce energy consumption. More ventilation in your home may help prevent heat loss in the winter and reduce heat gain in the summer.

Find the Best HVAC Warranty in California

Take care of your house with HVAC coverage in California that helps you maintain your appliances and home systems. HomeGuard HomeWarranty can help you both with twice yearly HVAC inspections as well as maintenance for when things break down. Contact us today to learn more about the coverage we offer for your HVAC as well as other home appliances.