Should You Invest in a Smart Thermostat for Your HVAC?
Written By: Ben on November 17, 2020

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Smart Thermostats and Smart Decisions Like an HVAC Warranty Help You Save Money

Smart thermostats are a technology trend offering convenience for setting your HVAC system to a comfortable temperature. Although newer homes come standard with a digital thermostat, older homes may not. If you’re considering an upgrade, here’s what to know about the technology to help you make the decision. Home warranty insurance in California can help you save money on HVAC repairs.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling

Because you can program your HVAC system, you can run it more efficiently, helping you minimize your utility costs. The Nest smart thermostat estimates you save about 15% on cooling costs and up to 12% of heating costs. In addition, you prevent wear and tear on your system because you’re not forced to run the system unnecessarily. This extends the life of your HVAC system, another savings.

Track Your Energy Usage

Another benefit of the smart thermostat is being able to track and analyze your energy usage. This can help you save even more money by learning how to decrease your energy costs. When appliances use more electricity than normal, it can indicate that you need maintenance or repairs. Your HVAC warranty in Arizona will come in handy if your HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently.

Control Your Home Remotely

The running joke of going on vacation and forgetting to turn your coffee maker off doesn’t work in a home with smart technology. Your smart thermometer lets you control your home’s temperature remotely. Coming home early? Go to your smartphone and adjust the thermostat so that it’s comfortable when you walk in the door. Decide that you’re staying an extra day for that weekend getaway? Just use your smartphone to tell the thermostat that it doesn’t need to switch on.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Do you remember to change your air filters regularly? When was the last time you had a professional service your HVAC system? With your smart thermostat, you get reminders to take care of your system, preventing breakdowns at an inopportune time. With an HVAC warranty in California, you won’t have to worry about expensive bills, but you still need to take care of your system for maximum efficiency and life expectancy.

Smart Thermostats Need-to-Know

To install a smart thermostat, you’ll need a “C-wire,” which powers the thermostat. Most newer homes have that wire, while older homes don’t. You may want to have an electrician install the thermostat if you’re not sure how your home is wired. There are some thermostats that offer alternative methods to power the unit, but this could be one barrier to installation.

You’ll need WiFi in your home and a smartphone to use the thermostat. You may want to check the other smart devices in your home to see which thermostats are compatible with your other systems. Nest, for example, merged with Google to work with the Google Assistant to be more effective in your home.

Smart thermostats help your home stay more comfortable and you’ll save money.

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