Protecting Your Pool in the Winter – Planning and Home Warranty
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on January 26, 2022

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Protecting Your Pool in the Winter – California Home Warranty Coverage

If you have a swimming pool you know how much fun and relaxation a pool offers when the weather is warm. But what happens when you have maintenance or repair problems? The costs can be shocking, and the fun disrupted. That’s when a California home warranty policy can provide peace of mind and protection for your wallet. Because a pool is a big investment, it makes sense to take care of it year-round, so it is ready for fun in the summer. 

Why It’s Important to Winterize a Swimming Pool

Winterizing a pool will protect your pool from damage in the colder winter months and prolong the life of the pool as well. Winterization simply avoids problems that could be expensive like: 

  • Cracked pool sides due to expansion of water when it freezes.  
  • Burst pipes due to water remaining inside the pipes. 
  • Pool chemistry problems. Cold and freezing temperatures can throw off the pool’s normal chemical balance which could lead to structural damage. 
  • Preventing safety problems. A pool that is left uncovered or improperly protected can create safety issues. (Think of a child or neighbor attempting to ice skate on the pool.) 

The key is to properly winterize a pool/spa before the temperature drops below freezing. An added key is to get California home warranty coverage to protect against expensive repairs. 

How to Winterize an In-ground Swimming Pool

Use these tips to properly winterize your pool to prevent expensive repairs from happening: 

  1. First, get a California home protection plan with swimming pool coverage. 
  2. Then, thoroughly clean the pool, removing all debris from the bottom, sides, and surface of the pool. Any organic material remaining in the pool can stain the pool. 
  3. Check the pool’s chemistry and using proper chemicals, correct the chemical balance to include the pH, alkaline level, and calcium level. Also, add appropriate winterizing chemicals. 
  4. Allow all pool chemicals to filter through the system so that the chemicals obtain their maximum coverage and protection before shutting down the pump and recirculating system. 
  5. Lower the water level below the mouth of the skimmer and return lines. 
  6. Clear the pump and filter. 
  7. Take all equipment like handrails and ladders out of the pool. 
  8. Cover the pool with a reliable pool safety cover. 

Why a Home Warranty Makes Sense

Getting a California home warranty policy from HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. can help cover the unexpected costs of owning a home with a pool with its add-on pool coverage. Coverage will include the above-ground working parts and components of heating and filtration systems including heater, motor, filter, pump, gaskets, blower, and timer. It can also include solar pool components like the solar pump, panel, and heater. 

Choose Exceptional California Home Warranty Coverage

Contact HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. for great California home warranty coverage. We offer a wide range of coverages including optional pool and spa coverage. We provide peace of mind for California, Arizona, and Nevada homeowners.