Top Rated Home Warranty Company in California Shares Tips for Negotiating a Home Price
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on January 26, 2022

top rated home warranty company in california

A Top Rated Home Warranty Company in California Can Help You Sell

Although your real estate agent does most of the work when it comes to negotiating the final sales price of a home, you need to approve everything that goes into the sales contract. We offer some practical negotiation tips in this blog to help you close on the house of your dreams as soon as possible.

Request the Seller to Pay Closing Costs

Closing costs can run as high as five percent of the purchase price of your new home. Typically, buyers and sellers each pay a portion of the closing costs, but you are within your legal rights to ask the seller to cover them. The most common reason for this scenario is that the house requires extensive repairs.

Make the Purchase Order Contingent on Your Specifications

You need to be able to leave yourself an out when home sellers do not hold up their end of the bargain or misrepresent certain details. For example, you can make the sale contingent upon receiving a positive home inspection report. Be sure to choose careful wording that allows you to cancel the contract if the home inspector finds significant structural damage. You could also consider asking the seller to cover home warranty insurance California as an alternative.

Negotiate for Personal Property

Perhaps the seller has some equipment in the home that would be difficult for you to purchase elsewhere. Common examples include lawnmowers and appliances. You can ask the seller to include certain items in the purchase price of the home. Just be ready to negotiate if they would prefer to leave the home totally empty instead.

Closing Date Negotiations

When both parties are selling a home or one party needs to fulfill the terms of a rental lease agreement, determining when to set the closing date can be tricky. You need to be ready to negotiate a date that works in your favor while allowing the sellers any flexibility they might need to make the deal work. Sellers who are anxious to sell may be willing to adjust the purchase price if you need to break a lease or temporarily pay two mortgages.

Request a Home Warranty Application California

Buying a house someone else has lived in can be risky. One way to reduce the risk is ask the seller to cover the cost of a home warranty. This type of service contract covers appliance repairs, such as a dishwasher, and home service repairs, such as a heating and cooling system. These items could cost thousands of dollars to repair otherwise.

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