What Heat Can Do To Your Home and How To Keep Your Cool
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on August 18, 2023

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Even The Best Home Warranty in Arizona Can’t Stop the Heat

We all know how miserable the summer heat can make us, but you might not know what it can do to your home. As always, good home warranty coverage in Arizona can cover much of the damage to your home caused by extreme heat, but it’s always best to know how heat affects your home and what you can do about it.

Foundation Damage

When it gets hot outside, much of the moisture in the soil can evaporate. This can cause the soil around your home to shrink and separate from the foundation, damaging some homes. You can prevent the worst of this damage by watering your yard regularly during heat waves and making sure no large trees are growing close to your house. Tree roots draw moisture from the soil, so large trees can potentially dry out the soil near your foundation even faster.

Roof Damage

Your attic is likely the hottest part of your house, especially during a summer heat wave. If too much heat becomes trapped in your attic, it can cause the shingles on your roof to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. Excess heat can also cause your roof to expand and warp, which can cause your shingles to crack and make leaks more likely. Coating and sealing your roof can prevent much of this damage, as can maintaining the ducts and ventilation in your attic.

Hardwood Floors

Not surprisingly, extreme heat can be tough on hardwood floors. Like your roof, hardwood floors can warp when they get too hot or too damp. If this goes on for too long, they can buckle and separate from the subfloor entirely. A functional air conditioner can keep the temperatures in your home away from the danger zone, while a dehumidifier can remove the moisture in the air and prevent warping. The humidity in your home should be between 35 and 55 percent, so keep a close eye on it during the summer if you want to keep your floors in good condition.


While extreme summer heat won’t do direct damage to your home’s pipes, it can still affect them indirectly. If you use too much water to run sprinklers and appliances or try to keep a swimming pool full, you can literally stress your pipes to their breaking point. If you want to avoid leaks or burst pipes, keep an eye on your water usage and seal any weak points you find. Home warranty insurance in Arizona can cover severe water damage, but it’s always best to avoid the problem in the first place.

The Best Home Warranty in Arizona

For more information about how you can protect your home in the summer or if you’re looking for the best home warranty in Arizona, contact HomeGuard HomeWarranty today.