Fall Home Maintenance Tasks for a Safe and Healthy Winter Season! 
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on October 20, 2021

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Get Ready for Fall with Help from the Company with the Best Home Warranty in Arizona

If you are concerned about the condition of your Arizona home, you may be searching for a home warranty in Arizona. This is always a wise strategy to keep your property in the best shape possible.

You can also take several steps to ensure that your home is ready for winter. The following are some of the top home maintenance tasks to implement this season.

  1. Start at the Top
    Like many home cleaning and upkeep projects, starting at the top is often the best way to go. This is the time to inspect your roof for potential repair issues, such as missing shingles and damaged flashing. You can examine this area periodically with a pair of binoculars. However, you should stay safe by hiring a professional to inspect the roof annually. Ideally, this company can also provide a roof warranty for your Arizona home.
    If you have a chimney, soot and creosote buildup can lead to an easily preventable house fire. Have the chimney cleaned by an experienced chimney sweep at least once per year.
    Next, be sure to clean out the gutters before winter. Even in Arizona, temperatures can sometimes drop to freezing overnight. If your gutters contain leaves and debris, this accumulation can cause leaking and other damage when mixed with rain, ice, and melting water.
  2. Winterizing the Yard
    Your yard equipment and gardening tools should be stored safely when not in use. If you prefer to let your Arizona lawn go dormant during the winter, you can keep your lawn mower covered and stored in a safe place, such as a garden shed. You should also store your gardening tools to prevent rust, and empty old flower pots before you put them away in a shed, garage, or carport. Remember to empty your garden hoses with an air compressor or by draining them manually, and put them inside with the other equipment.
    This is also an excellent time to clear away brush, weeds, and unused firewood from your yard. All of these things can attract pests such as termite and rodents, so don’t leave this in the yard or near your home all winter. Additionally, if there is a fire near your home, dry vegetation, piles of lumber, and old firewood could ignite quickly and present a serious fire hazard on your property.
    Fall is also the season when you should have your sprinkler system winterized. The timer should be shut off, and the sprinklers need to be blown out with a special air compressor. Unless you have this equipment and know how to perform this task, you will need to hire an individual or company to do the job before winter.
  3. Indoor Maintenance
    To keep your household safe and in optimal health, an array of indoor tasks must also be performed in autumn. You might begin with HVAC upkeep if you rely on this system during the winter months. You might winterize an outdoor AC unit with a hose to eliminate debris in the unit (but first, you should consult the product manual and/or an HVAC pro). You can also protect this unit with a designated cover until spring. Next, employ an expert to service your HVAC system semi-annually, so it is in good shape for every season. Don’t forget to vacuum or replace the furnace filter, and do this every three or four months for optimum performance.
    Another way to keep your home protected is to seal all openings. You can prevent drafts by applying weather-stripping and caulking as needed. These materials will go around doors and windows.
    One of the most important tasks in the home is regularly checking the safety equipment. Smoke/fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked at least every six months, and if they have batteries, those should also be exchanged for new ones every six months. You can put the older batteries in less crucial items so that they don’t go to waste. Many people check these lifesaving devices on the first day of fall and the first day of spring. Also, remember to check the gauges on your fire extinguishers at this time, and replace any extinguishers that are more than five or six years old.

Keeping Your Home Safe With a Great Home Warranty in Arizona

To keep your home in top condition, doing your part with fall home maintenance tasks is vital. Periodic home inspections are also an important aspect of property upkeep. By doing these things and getting the best home warranty in Arizona, you can make the most of your household budget. These are all useful strategies for keeping your household safe and healthy throughout the winter.

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