Common Myths and Misunderstandings About a Home Warranty
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on January 26, 2023

Home Repair Coverage in Arizona

Understand Your Home Repair Coverage in Arizona

If you’re thinking about home warranty insurance in Arizona, you might be getting mixed messages. There are a lot of misconceptions about home warranties. Here’s to clearing up the confusion.

Myth -A Home Warranty Is The Same As Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance covers disasters, like fire or a tornado. Your homeowner’s insurance will also cover theft or injuries of a person on your property. Home repair coverage in Arizona covers breakdowns on the major systems of your home or appliances, even when something breaks down because of regular wear and tear. If your roof gets old and needs repairs, your homeowner’s insurance only covers weather-related damage. A home warranty covers repairs for the roof due to age.

Myth -A Home Warranty Plan Only Covers New Appliances and Homes

While it’s true that warranties are usually associated with new items, a home warranty plan covers the appliances and systems of your home, regardless of their age. Your home warranty covers repairs or replacement, depending on what is wrong with the appliance. You do need to check to know what is covered and what isn’t. Some plans won’t cover washer and dryers, for example.

Myth – It’s Difficult and Time-Consuming to File a Claim

When an appliance that is covered breaks down, the process is actually pretty simple to get it repaired or replaced. You request service through your home warranty plan. The plan has several businesses vetted and will send out a qualified technician. The tech diagnoses the problem and reports back to the plan to determine coverage and to get authorization. The item is repaired or replaced.

Myth- Home Warranty Plans Are Expensive

Home warranty prices do vary, just like insurance can. Consider the actual repair costs of your HVAC or roof. Paying an annual premium and then a small service fee can make more sense than paying thousands of dollars to replace an appliance or to even make repairs. You can budget better for home maintenance when you have a home warranty.

Get the Best Home Repair Coverage in Arizona

Make a home warranty application for your Arizona home to learn more about how it can protect your budget and home.