Home Warranty Company Shares Refrigerator Maintenance and Efficiency Tips
Written By: Ben on October 16, 2020

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Appliance Warranty Provider Tips for an Efficient Refrigerator

You might not think about it that often, but your refrigerator is almost certainly one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s what keeps most of your food from spoiling, and having it break down on you can feel like a disaster. While most refrigerator-related disasters might be covered by a typical appliance warranty in Arizona, there are still plenty of things that you can do to reduce the wear and tear on your refrigerator and keep your perishables from going bad.

Close the Door

Keeping your refrigerator door closed may seem like common sense, but you might be surprised by how long the door is open. When you make frequent trips to your refrigerator or stand there with the door open while you’re trying to pick out a snack, you’re letting out a lot of cold air and raising the temperature in your fridge. This forces your refrigerator’s compressor to work harder to maintain a proper temperature, which shortens its lifespan. You obviously cannot avoid opening your refrigerator door when you need to use it, but be mindful of how long it’s open. Decide what you need before you open the door, and make sure nothing is keeping it from closing properly.

Set Your Refrigerator at the Right Temperature

The Food and Drug Administration recommends keeping your refrigerator’s temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer at zero degrees. It might be tempting to lower the temperature further if you want to keep your drinks and leftovers extra cold, but it’s easy to take things too far. Refrigerators set at lower temperatures use more electricity and wear out faster, and not even the best appliance coverage in Arizona will be able to fix an old refrigerator that’s been working too hard. For best results, keep your refrigerator at about 37 degrees Fahrenheit. That should keep your food safe to eat without putting too much of a burden on your compressor.

Clean Your Condenser Coils

The condenser coils located on the back of your refrigerator release heat and trigger your compressor. They are what keeps your refrigerator running at a cool temperature, so you need to keep them clean. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to dust, pet hair, and anything else that could get trapped within the coils. You don’t need to be constantly vigilant with your refrigerator, but you should wipe off your condenser coils and take a vacuum to them at least once a year.

Don’t Overstuff Your Refrigerator

You should have plenty of space in your refrigerator to maintain a constant airflow, and that won’t happen if you overstuff your fridge. When you load up your refrigerator after your weekly grocery store run, make sure to leave a few inches on the sides of your shelves, and throw away food that has spoiled or that you aren’t planning to eat.

Get a Home Warranty with Appliance Coverage in Arizona

Even the most well-maintained refrigerator will need some repairs once in a while, and that is where an affordable home warranty in Arizona will come in handy. For more information on how a home warranty in Arizona can provide the appliance coverage you need contact HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc. today.