HVAC Warranty Company Shares Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Cold Months Ahead
Written By: Ben on October 27, 2021

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Prepare Your Home with Help from an HVAC Warranty Company

The winter months put a lot of stress on your home. With the harsher weather and colder temperatures, you don’t want to risk leaving your biggest investment vulnerable without a home warranty or HVAC warranty. Take some time to get ready for winter and to keep your home secure and comfortable. With a home protection plan in Arizona, you won’t worry about high repair costs when something in your home breaks down.

Clean Your Gutters

Once the leaves have dropped off the trees, you want to make sure your gutter system doesn’t get backed up with debris. Spend a Saturday cleaning out your gutters or a get your handyperson to take care of it to prevent water from overflowing into your home through the winter.

Service Your HVAC System

The HVAC system is one of the most expensive and important systems in your home. Most systems are designed to last around 10 years, but with regular HVAC service, you may get a few more years out of yours. Change your filters. Have your system checked out by a technician before the temperatures drop. It’s better to find problems now than when it’s cold out and your heater isn’t working. With an HVAC warranty in Arizona, you can have peace of mind that a breakdown won’t kill your budget.

Check Your Weatherproofing

Drafts aren’t as noticeable in the summer so you may not care if one window isn’t shut tight. But when the north winds blow, it can make your home colder and more uncomfortable. Fall is a good time to check for drafty doors and windows. Hold a lit candle close to the seams when it’s slightly breezy outside. If you see the flame bend, you have air coming through the cracks. It’s time to caulk or replace the weatherstripping.

Test All Detectors

A few minutes is all it takes to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operating effectively with fresh batteries. Make sure to check them all through your home. It might also be a good time to make sure they’re installed in the right places and installed properly. It will give you peace of mind when you have your Christmas lights going and candles lit up for the holidays.

Clean Your Chimney

If you plan on using your fireplace through the winter, make sure to get it cleaned before you light up your first fire. Check your firewood for pests, rotting wood, and moisture. Make sure you have safety items for when you do have a fire.

Home, Roof, and HVAC Warranty Company in Arizona

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