HVAC Protection Starts With Maintenance
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on February 15, 2023

HVAC protection plan in California

Do You Need an HVAC Protection Plan in California?

It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Spending a few hundred dollars on annual maintenance and an HVAC protection plan in California can save you thousands of dollars by extending the life of your HVAC.

How You Save Money With HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system makes sure you stay protected under warranties. Your HVAC should last between 10 to 25 years. To get the most out of your system and to prevent costly breakdowns, biannual maintenance is advised. Checking your system in the spring and again in the fall keeps your system working at peak performance and reduces your energy bills.

Improve Your Comfort With Regular Maintenance

We often take the modern comforts of home for granted. Regular maintenance keeps your home at a pleasant temperature year-round. You’ll be less likely to come home one evening to a home that is too hot or too cold from an HVAC breakdown. Just like your car needs an oil change every six months, your HVAC system needs some TLC before it works harder in the summer and winter. Worried about maintenance costs and repairs? Get an HVAC warranty in California to manage your budget more effectively.

Regular Maintenance Improves Air Quality

Your HVAC circulates air through your home, contributing to the air quality. A clean and well-maintained HVAC system will pump cleaner air through your home. Switching out the filters every three to four months will also help. Remembering to change that air filter will also help keep your HVAC system working more efficiently, too.

More Security With Regular HVAC Maintenance

An HVAC breakdown isn’t just about being uncomfortable. If your home loses heat in the winter, your pipes can freeze. Your HVAC can also produce carbon monoxide when it’s not working properly. Regular maintenance protects your family against even low levels of CO. Regular maintenance is also better for your carbon footprint and the environment. You can feel secure that your HVAC is working correctly without using excess resources.

Best HVAC Protection Plan and Home Warranty in California

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