Know Your Home! What is a Breaker Box and Why Do You Need One?
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on July 21, 2022

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What is a Breaker Box – Home Warranty in California

Your home has many systems that keep it functioning well. The electrical system is vital to almost every other appliance in your home. Understanding the electrical breaker box can help you maintain your home, but you should always troubleshoot problems with a professional because electricity is dangerous. Your appliance protection plan in California can help you avoid huge repair bills.

What Is a Circuit Breaker Box?

The circuit breaker box gives you access to the power flow in your home. It controls how the flow of electricity comes into your home and lets you control and disrupt the flow of power. You have a main circuit breaker that you can turn off and on if you need to shut down electricity to the entire home. This can be useful if you need to evacuate your home for a fire, for example. Then, you also have the breakers themselves, both single- and double-pole. These switches let you control power to certain outlets.

When and How Should You Get Into the Breaker Box?

You should be familiar with your circuit breaker box, just to make sure it’s functioning well and to know which switches turn off which outlets. If your breakers aren’t labeled, you should spend a few minutes switching off the breakers, one at a time, to see which outlets respond. If you notice a problem with the outlet or light switch, you can easily find the breaker and turn it off to make repairs. Make sure your hands are dry when you get into the electrical breaker box. Electricity and water do not mix. If one of the breakers trips, you can reset it, but if it keeps tripping, you should talk to an electrician. HVAC coverage in California is also available for your home.

When Should You Replace a Circuit Breaker Box?

Ideally, your electrical breaker box should last around 40 years. But when the breakers start tripping a lot or if your breaker box is hot to the touch, you need to talk to an electrician immediately to replace the box. You may also need to upgrade your box if you are adding rooms to your home that take more electricity.

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