A Home Warranty Helps You Avoid These Homeowner Gripes About Contractors
Written By: Ben on June 30, 2020

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If you’re looking for an easy bet, ask someone if they have ever had a less-than-great experience with a contractor.

Even if they have had good experiences as well, and even more good ones than bad, the really bad ones do tend to stand out, especially when someone is prompted to share their stories.

Without Home Warranty Coverage You’ll Likely Encounter Contractor Issues Like These

Though everyone’s situation is a little different, there are some common themes that seem to stand out from these stories. Many boil down to:

  • Poor communication. What they say isn’t always what they deliver. Or, in some cases, they are difficult to reach with even basic questions or check-ins.
  • Poor performance. Their quality isn’t what was promised and may even be sub-par or dangerous. There could be other flaws, like unprofessional behavior or significant mess during the process.
  • Unexpected costs. A project which was supposed to cost one price may have high jumps.
  • Unexpected delays, either by attendance or extra length of a project.

Certainly in the building world, there’s always the possibility of a project unexpectedly becoming more complicated than expected once the work actually begins. That’s why we have estimates in the first place. Renovations, especially, are known for revealing previously unknown problems when things start.

Contractors are also subject to market forces as well, so there’s the possibility of some items being out of their control, such as  certain essential supplies rising in price rapidly or becoming difficult to find.

But at the same time, homeowners can benefit from other forms of protection to make sure the contractor adheres to the contract, the work is done adequately, and any household systems or mechanical devices will work properly after installation.

For instance, home warranty coverage California residents can consider include various plans for different parts of your home, such as appliances, HVAC systems, roofs and more. Some options even include pest control, vacuum systems and more.

When working with a home warranty company, California residents can give themselves peace of mind by creating a service agreement. This is a perfect defense against having to pay bills unexpectedly, sometimes at a significant cost.

HVAC coverage is popular, since it covers a variety of mechanical situations that can develop quickly if machinery begins to break. Even a small malfunction can set off a cascade of damage that can affect its performance, efficiency and overall integrity.

Plus, many modern HVAC systems are particularly complex, so your average homeowner may not be able to perform any repair to their unit unsupervised without fearing that they would do more damage to it. It also can cover a variety of repair and replace services if needed, including fans, electronics and more.

Ready to Simplify Home Ownership with a Home Warranty in California or Arizona?

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