Should I Repair, Replace, or Recycle My Broken Appliance?
Written By: Ben on July 18, 2023

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Home Repair Coverage in California Takes The Guesswork Out of Appliance Repair

No homeowner likes to deal with a broken appliance. There’s just the inconvenience of a broken refrigerator or washer, but there’s also the time and energy you spend looking for a technician and then making the decision to repair or replace the item. A home warranty policy in California can help you make good decisions about appliances that are not working.

Repair or Replace?

There’s no hard set rule about when to replace an appliance or to repair it. You have to look at why the appliance isn’t working. Sometimes, if the repair is a just replacing a belt or tightening up bolts, it can make sense to repair instead replacing the appliance. But then, you also need to look at the age of the appliance and how many repairs it has needed in the past. A reliable technician can help you make the best decision. When you have a home protection policy in California, you can trust the technician to work with your policy to make the best decision.

When Replacing an Appliance Makes Sense

Aging appliances may work effectively with a repair, but as an appliance gets older, it might make sense to replace the item. Working effectively may not always mean efficiently. You may be spending more on electricity or using more water by keeping an older appliance, which offsets the savings of making repairs. New technologies make newer appliances better investments in your home by saving other resources.

Recycling Always Makes Sense

Deciding whether to make repairs or replace an appliance is the difficult question. If you do need to replace the appliance, trying to recycle the old appliance always is a good choice. Check with your repair company to see if they would take the appliance or find local options. Recycling makes sense because

it keeps the appliance out of the landfills, protecting the environment. It helps the less fortunate who may not be able to afford a new appliance. Recycling also reduces your carbon footprint by saving natural resources. The metal and other parts can usually be reused again.

Find the Best Home Repair Coverage in California

Take the guesswork out of the equation with home repair coverage in California. A policy to cover your appliances helps you make the best decision when it comes to replacing or repairing an appliance. Contact HomeGuard HomeWarranty today!