Winter is Coming, Here Are Your Fall Home Maintenance Tasks
Written By: Ben on September 23, 2020

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HVAC Maintenance and More – As Temperatures Cool It’s Time to Plan for Winter

Even though Arizona autumns can be different than fall in other parts of the country, the start of the cooler seasons can still be hard on your home. Over time, sun, wind, and changing temperatures can all impact where you live.

Fall is also a good time to assess damage from summer and make sure everything is taken care of before winter. It’s an opportunity to take a look at or around your property to see if there’s anything you can take care of fixing on your own, or bring in a professional to fix something that might be beyond your DIY skills.

One of the prime areas that usually is a good idea to tackle in the fall is your HVAC system. Since it likely worked hard in the hot spring and summer, now’s a chance to repair or replace any components.

You hopefully will have some sort of HVAC warranty coverage for your Arizona home. Different plans will cover different types of maintenance and breakdowns. A HVAC protection plan Arizona homeowners can consider addresses tasks like regular maintenance or emergency services. HomeGuard HomeWarranty, for example, offers a very affordable add on to your home protection plan to cover 2x yearly HVAC inspections to help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

A preventive approach is definitely recommended for modern HVAC systems. A system that’s maintained regularly, including seasonal adjustments if needed, will last longer and perform more efficiently over time, rather than a system that will gradually become weaker and weaker until bigger (and more expensive) parts start breaking.

One easy place to start is by changing air filters every two or three months. Although some manufacturers recommend this monthly, a common approach is to do it bi-monthly – or at least check monthly. If it’s noticeably dirty, change it then. If not, wait a month and change it then.

Other areas that should be included in your fall maintenance inspection and schedule include:

  • Get your air conditioner unit ready for winter. If you have an outside unit, cover it when it’s powered down for the season. If you have window units, take these down, dust them off and put them in storage until temperatures start to warm up.
  • Test your fire apparatus. This means check or change the batteries in your fire alarms and make sure your fire extinguisher is functional and not expired.
  • Double-check insulation. This could mean look at any seals around windows or doors that could let cooler air in or warmer air out, and increase your power bill. You can also make sure than any insulation is still around your pipes. We may not have prolonged periods of freezing, but cold snaps are known to happen.
  • Look for cracks and holes in the exterior. Tiny holes could make it easier for pests to enter like mice. Cracks in your driveway may look small but potentially could expand over winter.

Find The Best Home Warranty with HVAC Coverage in Arizona

Fall is a perfect time to anticipate what kind of things could go wrong over the future or fix anything impacted over the spring and summer. A program like HomeGuard Home Warranty can provide peace of mind, including HVAC coverage Arizona residents can benefit from.