Is There a Quick Fix for Your Oven Problem?
Written By: Ben on January 20, 2021

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Appliance Warranty Company in Arizona Oven Troubleshooting Tips

Your oven is one of those things that is easy to take for granted and that you miss in a hurry when it doesn’t work like it should. To help you get back to cooking and baking as soon as possible without a call to an appliance warranty company in Arizona, we outline three common oven problems below along with some simple solutions that might get you back up and running quick and easy.

When the Oven Won’t Heat at All

It is frustrating when you and your family are hungry, but you cannot prepare dinner because the oven doesn’t produce any heat. The problem is typically a faulty heating element with electric ovens or a broken igniter switch for gas ovens.

While you should be able to repair these issues yourself, you will need to arrange repair with our affordable home warranty Arizona company if the gas burner and gas oven go out at the same time. For simple repairs, use a screwdriver to remove the heating element or igniter and replace it with a new one.

Food Cooks Unevenly

Whether baking French fries or a lasagna, you expect the food you pull out of the oven to be warm in all parts. When some of the food appears fully cooked and another part cold or raw, you may have a problem with the sensors that control oven temperature. If you suspect that you just cooked the food incorrectly, try to roast a whole chicken or bake a cake to see if you get the same result.

Preheating the oven to see if all coils turn bright orange is the first step to determine if the heating elements turn red or the sensors change as the oven temperature increases. Should that turn out to be the problem, you just need to replace the heating element or the sensor. The cause of uneven heating of food could also be as simple as changing the way you place cookware on the oven’s rack. An oven that heats unevenly is just one of several reasons you may want to consider purchasing an appliance warranty Arizona from HomeGuard HomeWarranty.

You Can’t Shut the Oven Door

We urge you to never use your oven if you are unable to close the door all the way. Instead, stop your meal preparation and check the hinges and springs to see if they require replacement. Another possible cause of an oven door not closing all the way is that the door sensor has worn out. You will need to arrange for professional repair or replacement.

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