Should I Replace or Repair My Broken Appliance? That Depends…
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on November 15, 2022

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Do You Have an Appliance Protection Plan in Arizona?

Whether it’s a refrigerator that won’t stay cool or a dishwasher that suddenly stopped working, nobody likes to deal with a broken appliance. Not only does it greatly hinder your ability to keep your home clean and keep your food from going bad, but you have to pay for repairs that you may not be able to afford. Having a good appliance protection plan in Arizona can help offset the costs of repairs, but sometimes it’s best to just replace a broken appliance instead.

Repair vs. Replacement: Which is Better?

When deciding whether to repair or replace a broken appliance, you need to weigh the costs of each option. If you have a fairly new appliance that breaks down, it’s usually easier to pay for repairs. Replacement parts are easier to come by if your broken appliance is newer, and you’re more likely to find someone who knows how to make the necessary repairs. Problems with newer appliances also tend to be more minor than something you’ve had for over a decade, so you can usually get it up and running fairly quickly. You should also take the time to replace larger appliances such as refrigerators or large stoves, mostly because replacements tend to be more expensive than a repair bill. You might even have a home warranty policy in Arizona that covers these larger appliances. Simply put, if it can be considered a fixture in your home, you should consider having it repaired unless it is over 10 years old. At that age, most appliances will require more repairs and maintenance, which will cost you more money in the long run.

While larger and more expensive appliances should be repaired whenever possible, smaller and cheaper appliances can be replaced more easily. This is often the case with microwave ovens, which are small and relatively inexpensive. It can also be the case for smaller ovens, washing machines, and dryers. These are often fairly inexpensive, and while it will still be cheaper to have it repaired, spending a little extra and buying a new model in perfect condition will still save you money that you’d spend on future repairs.

As a rule, if repairing a broken appliance would cost you as much or more than a new appliance, it’s best to get a replacement. If you suspect that you’ll just have to replace a broken appliance within a few years after having it repaired, you might as well save yourself the repair bill and just skip to buying something new. If you’re dealing with a relatively easy fix that won’t cost you too much money, you can go ahead and have your broken appliance repaired, especially if it’s still fairly new and covered by an affordable home warranty in Arizona. As always, use your best judgment, and don’t be afraid of consulting the manufacturer of your appliance to learn more about any repairs or replacements.

Best Appliance Protection Plan in Arizona

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