Should You Make Renovations and Home Repairs During the Corona Virus Outbreak?
Written By: Ben on July 31, 2020

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Safety for Yourself and Contractors During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

With the novel coronavirus still effecting the world, you might be wondering how it relates to home renovation projects. Regardless of whether you suddenly need an electrician or have been planning a project for months, bringing contractors into your home may be required. While having the best home protection plan in Arizona might help ensure a trustworthy and high quality contractor is selected, you still need to know how to handle situations where someone else has to come into your space.

Handle Home Improvement Processes Online When Possible

Many people have stopped renovations to let COVID-19 pass, but some still need help. However, many contractors are stepping up to offer a variety of services online. Some can offer meetings, consultations, and walk-throughs without meeting up to keep both yourself and the contractor safe. Ask what options are available to determine whether you can safely handle the project you have going on.

Make Communication a Priority

Make sure you speak with the contractors about specific ways they are working to avoid contracting or transmitting Coronavirus. You can ask what safety steps they will take to keep your family secure, whether there is a policy you can see about work at private homes, and who enforces the things that are put into place. Things like stopping shaking hands and avoiding passing paperwork back and worth can help with safety.

Go Over Even the Simplest Basics

Your home warranty company in California would tell you that your contractor and your family should both be following CDC guidelines around the pandemic. This includes things like washing your hands regularly and wearing a mask. Keeping high contact surfaces disinfected and offering contractors hand sanitizer can go a long way.

Find Somewhere Else You Can Go

Even without Coronavirus, remodeling can cause significant disruptions. If you have the option, it’s best to leave your home until the work is complete. If there’s nowhere else for you to go, stay in a different area of the house than the contractors. It would help if you also washed your hands every time you visit the work area. This applies even if no contractors are currently working in your home.

Handling Home Repairs with The Best Home Warranty Company in California and Nevada

When you have an affordable home warranty in California or Arizona, such as the one from HomeGuard HomeWarranty, Inc., you’ll have peace of mind that repairs will be made efficiently and safely. Prescreened contractors who meet all health and safety guidelines will take care of any repairs you need on homes, vacation dwellings, and rentals. Be safe by taking control of who handles repairs at your home during COVID-19. Order a home warranty today or contact us for more information at 1-866-993-2301.