Does Your Arizona Roof Need Gutters?
Written By: admin on July 28, 2021

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Roof Warranty Company In Arizona Looks at Whether or Not You Need Gutters

Gutters are often left off Arizona homes. Many contractors try to keep construction costs low by not installing gutters. After all, in many parts of the desert, you don’t get more than about eight inches of rain each year. You may think you don’t need gutters when you don’t get much rainfall, but there are other factors you should consider before deciding that you don’t need them. Gutters can protect your home’s foundation. Here’s what to know about gutters and gutter installation. Consider a home protection plan for your Arizona home to keep your repair costs lower.

What’s the Purpose of Gutters?

Gutters are part of your roofing system. They collect rainwater and direct it to the ground through downspouts. This keeps your basement from flooding. It can also prevent rainwater from damaging the foundation of your home. Gutters also protect your roof. Although gravity helps water drain off your roof, without gutters, rainwater can collect on your shingles and soffit, weakening them. Your gutters can also protect your landscaping, because you’re controlling the water runoff and erosion.

Does Your Arizona Home Need Gutters?

Your home should be inspected before determining that you don’t need gutters. It depends on many factors, such as the drainage around your home, the current slope and drainage of your roof, or the aesthetics of the property. Even though you may not get much rain where you live, a heavy downpour can cause a lot of problems if the water doesn’t drain effectively. Gutters can help you catch rainwater in barrels or cans to use in your garden through the season. Ask your home warranty coverage in Arizona if gutters are essential to your home.

Don’t Gutters Just Cause More Maintenance Issues?

To be effective, gutters do need to be maintained. You probably will need to spend some time cleaning the gutters out after the rainy season, just to make sure that the water runs off the roof as it should. But you can find plenty of companies willing to do the work for you to help you maintain your home.

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