Home Warranties Benefit Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers
Written By: Ben on January 23, 2020

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Home Warranty Coverage in Arizona and California is Good for Everyone

Home warranties benefit not just the homeowner or buyer but also provide perks to sellers and agents, on both sides of a real estate transaction. While the details and coverage varies depending on your distinct home warranty policy in Arizona, know that one commonality provided is peace of mind; the reassurance that unexpected breakdowns and issues are covered by a home warranty can be invaluable to all involved.

Everyone benefits from home warranty coverage in Arizona, from home buyers and sellers to agents:

Homeowner Benefits

The first group to benefit from home warranties are home buyers and owners- after all, they are typically the ones living in the house that could experience potential problems or repairs. Usually a home warranty is a contract that covers the cost of repairing or restoring home systems, fixtures, or features, if something goes awry. These plans often are good for a predetermined time from the carrier. These are frequently advantageous for owners of older homes, which may have dated systems and limited information pertaining to history and it makes it much easier to find contractors and service providers when something does go wrong, 24/7. For buyers, it can provide coverage for your home, such as your appliances, for over a year after the closing which can help prevent buyer’s remorse later.

Don’t confuse your home warranty plan with homeowner’s insurance, which typically covers the cost of the home and your belongings in situations like a fire or natural disaster. These are two very different types of protection.

Seller Perks

Selling your home? A home warranty provides other perks for sellers, including the allure of coverage for prospective buyers. A warranty could hasten the sale of your home to interested parties by providing the reassurance needed to make an offer. Talk to your agent to learn more about this feature.

A warranty may also prevent the loss of a sale if something needs repair or is uncovered during the inspection. It can save the sale and help sell your home!

Advantages for Agents

There are distinct advantages for real estate agents, too, when working with properties covered with a home warranty. Here are a few:

  • Appeals to potential and existing real estate clients
  • Increases referrals
  • Reduces liability after the sale
  • Increases customer confidence
  • Strengthens your listings
  • Decreases stress

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Who wouldn’t want a home warranty? To learn more, call 1-866-993-2301 talk to us about a home warranty plan in Arizona for your property. Warranties benefit everyone, from the owner and buyer, to seller and agent!