What to Do if Your HVAC Breaks Down in Winter?
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on November 22, 2022

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Do You Have a Home Warranty Policy in California?

No one likes to think about their furnace breaking down. It’s never convenient. And who wants to deal with a huge repair bill around the holidays? Know what to do when the heater does go out so you can keep your family safe and warm. Think about getting a home warranty policy in California for peace of mind over your finances.

Safety First

Although natural gas is odorless, it has an additive that you can smell. If you smell rotten eggs or a sulfuric compound, you may have a gas leak. Get out of your home and contact the gas company from a safe place. Stay out until you get an all clear from professionals.

Troubleshoot the Issue

Before you contact the repair company, check the thermostat and the pilot light. You may want to check the circuit breaker to see if the fuse blew out. It could be a very simple problem. If you can’t figure it out or it’s beyond your capabilities, you’ll be glad to have HVAC coverage in California. Your home warranty program not only covers most of the repair costs, it also helps you find a qualified local professional service company to get you back in the heat.

Stay Warm Until It’s Fixed

Put on some extra clothes to keep warm until the technician does arrive. Close the curtains to keep heat inside the home. Use portable space heaters safely. Make sure your fireplace is safe if you light a fire. Serve lots of hot foods, but don’t use your oven or stove for heat.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

You can probably get through the night with extra blankets, but your pipes are a different story. Use a portable heater to keep your main water pipe from freezing. You may want to turn off the water and open the faucets to get all the water out of your pipes to avoid freezing and then bursting.

Call the Pros for a Home Warranty Policy in California

Unless you are trained in fixing your HVAC system, it is almost always better to contact a professional HVAC technician. With a home protection policy in California, you’ll pay a small deductible to have the company make repairs or replacement. You’ll get back to normal without a huge bill.