Never Put This in the Dishwasher
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on April 19, 2022

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Dishwashers can remove a lot of hassle from your life, but these sturdy appliances can’t clean everything safely. In this article, you’ll learn about many items that are better left out of the dishwasher. Our Arizona home warranty company hopes it’ll help you keep your utensils, dishes, and cookware in great shape—not to mention the dishwasher itself!

Certain Pots and Pans

Many people enjoy cooking with nonstick pots and pans because they add a level of ease to the culinary process. However, their nonstick coatings do not get along with the detergent and hot water dishwashers rely on. Taking advantage of their nonstick nature, though, you should be able to wash them by hand easily enough.

For a similar reason, cast iron cookware should likewise stay out of the dishwasher. Cast iron builds up its own protective coating when used; dishwashers can strip that coating away.


After a long session of meal prep or a hearty dinner, it can be tempting to toss your knives into the dishwasher so they’re ready to go next time. However, doing so may harm your knives: They don’t fare well when being buffeted around inside of a dishwasher, and certain detergents may contribute to corrosion on their blades. A sharp knife can even pose a danger to the dishwasher’s lining.

Wooden Utensils

Wooden utensils offer a dash of rustic charm to the kitchen, but both extended water exposure and detergent may harm wood. Much as an affordable home warranty in Arizona can help keep your house in good shape, hand washing your wooden utensils will keep them usable for quite a long time.

Plastic Items

Plastic is another material that is often better washed by hand, as the heat in a dishwasher may be damaging to plastic. And since you don’t want melted plastic in your appliance, make sure to check plastic items to be sure they’re dishwasher safe. Even if they are, it’s probably best to place them on the top rack.

An Arizona Home Warranty Company Can Protect Your Dishwasher

Now you know how to protect many of your kitchen items from unintentional harm in the dishwasher. But did you know you can also protect the dishwasher itself? An appliance protection plan in Arizona and other states does just that. Reach out to HomeGuard to learn more.