How Will You Replace a Built-In Appliance? Standard Sizing to the Rescue!
Written By: HomeGuard HomeWarranty on November 30, 2021

California home warranty plan

Appliance Repairs are Often Covered by a California Home Warranty Plan

Everyone has, or should have, pride in their home, right? But sometimes that pride can be disrupted by anxiety when there’s an unexpected appliance stoppage or breakdown leading to an expensive repair job. Even the best appliances can break down due to normal wear and tear, sometimes at awkward times. That’s when a reliable California home warranty plan comes in to provide financial protection and peace of mind. 

How to Get the Right Size Appliance

If an appliance fails and can’t be repaired, it is important to get the right-sized new appliance to fit into the space available. All it takes is a tape measure and some planning. To make sure that adequate space is available for new appliances, measure the space from cabinet to cabinet, or counter to the wall. For a refrigerator, measure from the floor to the bottom of the cabinets above the refrigerator space. Also, make sure there will be a half-inch of space on the top and sides to allow proper ventilation. For all appliances, measure the space available to ensure that space exists to open the appliance without obstructions and that drawers and cabinets can also open without obstructions. Also, if there is an island or doorways, extra space may be needed. California home warranty coverage can help you get the appliances that you need when a satisfactory repair can’t be made. 

Standard Sizing to the Rescue

Thankfully, standard sizes exist, so you don’t have to worry about sizing customization. However, there are different types of refrigerators and ranges/ovens, so your measurement efforts will help you ensure that you get the right-sized appliance without renovating a kitchen or laundry area unnecessarily. The right California appliance coverage plan can help you when the useful life of an appliance is over. 

How Do Home Warranty Plans Work?

A great California home warranty plan covers a home’s critical systems that are in good condition when the plan is purchased. Critical systems include the parts and components of a home’s electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems. Most major appliances are covered, and other things can be added such as a stand-alone freezer, well pump, or spa. The term of an excellent California home warranty plan is typically one year with renewals available. 

Once a contract is signed and paid for when a covered repair is needed the homeowner simply calls the warranty service. An authorized repair technician will be selected for you and will contact you directly. You pay the technician the service deductible when he/she arrives. If a satisfactory repair can’t be made, the warranty service will provide assessed funds for a replacement purchase. 

Choose a Proven California Home Warranty Plan

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