Buying a Refrigerator? See Which Ones Require the Least Appliance Repair Calls
Written By: Ben on December 11, 2019

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Avoid Appliance Repairs and Warranty Issues By Choosing Quality and Treating Your Equipment Right

A refrigerator is a major appliance purchase, and it should serve your household well for many years. Unfortunately, not all refrigerators deliver in terms of quality, longevity, and overall value. Thus, you will need to do some research beforehand in order to get the most from your investment. Below, you will find important information on brands that manufacture reliable refrigerators, as well as the styles that require as few service calls as possible.

What to Look for When Shopping

If your goal is to buy an appliance that is more low-key than high maintenance, consider looking for a refrigerator without an icemaker. Icemakers tend to develop problems that lead to the need for repair visits. When choosing between a freezer on the top or on the bottom, go for the one on the top as it will likely require less maintenance than other styles. The models that feature the freezer and refrigerator side by side are generally the ones that manifest the most performance issues overall.

Brands Worth Considering

You might opt from a variety of brands; certainly, a wide range of brands will be available. While LG and Samsung models may be constructed quite soundly, they are also more complex mechanically than several other brands, so you might have more difficulty finding people who can repair one. Although Kenmore has long been recognized as a reputable brand of refrigerator, it is produced by an array of different manufacturers, so you should do some research before you choose a particular Kenmore model.

Care and Maintenance

To maximize your investment, be sure to take proper care of your new appliance. It is possible to avoid unnecessary repair visits by taking steps to care for your refrigerator. Keep the coils clean, and make sure the doors seal correctly. Try to keep the refrigerator as full as you can because it will operate more efficiently when you do. Also, maintain the right temperature: The freezer should be kept at 0 degrees, and the refrigerator should be kept between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Obtaining Home Warranties and Appliance Warranties

Warranties will also help you to keep your repair costs at a minimum. Buy an extended manufacturer or retailer appliance warranty when available. Additionally, a home warranty plan that includes appliance coverage will minimize maintenance costs on your end.

By doing some research before you shop, you should be able to find the right refrigerator for your home. With a solid appliance protection plan in place, your purchase should be covered for the eventual repairs that even the best refrigerator will need at some point.